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Mud Plants & Design | Environmantal Policy

Environmental Policy

Our main areas of impact on the environment:


  1. General office and yard activities – Energy use to recycling of consumables

  2. Vehicle and plant use – Fuel and maintenance

  3. Arising’s – The materials that our work generates

  4. Plastic


If you’re conscious of your carbon footprint and a supporter of preserving your environment then look no further. Our promise: Reuse or recycle everything we can.


Re-use, recycle, replenish! We encourage our customers to recycle organic garden material by promoting the use of compost bays – a natural and cost effective alternative to ensuring your garden gets all the nutrients it needs. In combination with the use of non-petrol based tools where possible, we minimise our carbon footprint and maximise your garden's natural potential. 


All arising’s removed will be recycled at a Veolia recycle centre.



To continue to develop our goals we:


  1. Use battery-powered hedge trimmers, blowers and strimmers

  2. Maximise our recycling and minimise our waste

  3. Promote efficient driving practices

  4. Proactively challenge and improve our own office energy efficiencies such as use of power shut-down devises on computer systems and general energy saving devises 

  5. Use a paperless office system

  6. Continue to work with the local authorities and local communities to promote the local economy

  7. Demonstrate by example that positive environmental considerations make good direct and indirect common sense business policies

  8. Reduce or recycle plastics in particular

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